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How To Spot A Fake Facebook
Facebook the Second Biggest Site
Of internet Created A virtual
World On internet and Changed
The Trend Of Soical Networking.
current population of Facebook is
just over $300 million users and
is close to passing
the population of the US which
is $307 million.
But Approximatly 100 Millions
Account are Fake and About 80%
of Fake Profiles Created By Boys
as A fake Girl’s Profile.Many
peoples are also using 2-3 or
even more facebook profiles to
fool others.
Today i will Show You The way to
Spot A Fake Facebook ID. 🙂
Don’t Worry You Can Apply
This Trick To Spot Fake ID On
Other Social Networking Sites
Like Google Plus,Twitter e.t.c
Sometimes Guys Uses Fake Girl’s
Profile To fool Us.They Put A
Gorgeous Model Celebrity Photos
As A Appeal For send request to
them and Accept Request From
So how will You Spot A Fake
Facebook ID If the Profile
Contains Every Information Looks
Like Actual and Also A Less
Known model’s Photograph As
Her Profile picture.
The Answer Is Simple By
Yes!! You heard it Right…Google
Also Have a Option By which You
can Search Information By using
Any Image.This Is Very Handy
Feature Introduced By Google
Known As Google Goggles.:)
Lets See How You Can Do That.
Yesterday A girl Send Me a Friend
Request But i Am Confused That
Whether her Account Is Real Or
Fake..So i am Going to Find out
the Truth Behind Her Profile.. 🙂
First Of all Go to That Suspected
Fake facebook Account.
Then After Download His Profile
To Download His Picture Click On
The Image And Then “Save as”
and Then Save It On Desktop.
Then Next Thing You Have To Do
That Is To
In Your Browser.
And Click On Camera Sign In
Search Bar As You Can See In
image Below.
After that A Small Bar will
Open.Select “Upload an image”.
Then Browse The Downloaded
Image. And Finally Upload That
After That You Can able to find
a Number Of Search Results
Based On that Image. You in first image
The Girl Who Send Me A Request
Have name “Jyanthika”.And
Claims That The Profile Pic Is her.
But At The Last Image we Can
Find Out The Reality Of her Profile
By Google Image
Search.Originally The Profile Pic Is
Of “Samantha”. Who Is Actually A
tamil Actress. 🙂
Bingo You Had Spotted A Fake
Facebook ID!!


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