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With the increasing popularity of Internet we are becoming more dependent on the Internet to gather information on various topics.Internet has also brought the ways to stay connected to our friends and relatives via social networking websites like Facebook,Twitter, etc.

While we work in our office or study in our school or college labs, we find that we are not able to access the websites which we need to. This is mainly due to the reason that those websites have been blocked by the administrator. The administrator doesn’t want that anyone access to those list of websites.

Best Ways to Access Blocked Web Sites at Office:

Watch the below video for a Quick Demonstration:

Using Proxy Servers:

You can  access the blocked websites by using the proxy servers very easily. But there is a little risk of getting viruses and infected files from these servers. So, you need to take care of this fact before accessing the website via proxy servers. There are hundreds of proxy servers available on the Internet which is created by people who have open Internet.

The technology behind the proxy server is that, you are accessing the website through a different computer which is placed on different place anywhere in the world. If the proxy server websites have not been blocked by your administrator then you can use this technique to access blocked websites.

Here we list few of the most widely used proxy servers:
Using Hidemyass To Access Blocked Sites

Using Google Translate:

Google Translate is a free service from Google that can be used to translate text from one language to another. You can also use this service to access blocked websites very easily.

Steps to access blocked websites with Google Translate
  • Go to Google Translate.
  • Enter the URL of the website which you need to access and hit enter.
  • Google will translate the website in the language you choose and this way you will be able to see the website.

Using IP of the Website:

You can also access blocked websites with IP address instead of the domain name but this technique might not work all the time.Every website has its own IP address which can be used to access the website if you know the IP address.

  • To know the IP address of website go to this link.

Using Short URL Service:

You can make use of URL Redirection services like Tinyurl,SnipURL to access blocked sites.Go to shortening url websites paste the website link which you want to access and get the shorten link.This works because such redirection sites make the address bar blank while loading.I made a Tiny URL for here

Changing the DNS Server:

DNS Server is an index of all the domain names registered on the internet. When you type in the domain name of a website then your browser sends request to the DNS server and it returns the IP address of that website. If the access to a website is blocked then you can access to that blocked website using the third party free DNS services which are run by other ISPs and organizations (OpenDNS).

Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings (on left side). Now right click on the network through you are connected to internet and click on Properties. Now click on the Networking tab and double click on TCP/IPv4. Now type in this DNS server over there > or and click on OK to save the settings. You need to restart your computer to have the effect of this change. You can also type in these addresses > or These addresses are of Google as Google also provides free DNS service.

Try replacing http by https:

This is also one of the simple ways to access the blocked websites at work or school or in college. The URL of the website starts with the http and you have to simply replace the http with https and you will have access to that website.

Cached Pages:

Search Engines especially Google caches every single page of site it indexes.Such cached pages will be stored in Google Servers by deleting all style sheets and images.

  • Go to Google.Com.
  • Search for the site which you want to access(May be it is blocked in your case).
  • Then click on cached page.Follow the below animation for better understanding.
Access Blocked Websites With Google Cache

Using proxy software:

You can also access to the blocked websites by using proxy softwares. These softwares are free to download and they are very small in memory. Once installed they help in providing access to the blocked websites. You can download any one of the software from the list below here,

– See more at:


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